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    Here we go, yet another Rust server ad. But be not deceived, it's not regular Rust server. Running on DevBlog 116 (2016) version, when it still wasn't that overstuffed and resource hungry (so yeah, even your potato PC will be able to run it). Server wipes every two weeks with blueprints being wiped every month. To play on our server, you will need an older version of Rust client which you can either download at https://osrust.eu/ or get one yourself using a Steam console (guide on how to do it can be found on our discord: https://discord.gg/gDX3Dcj) Features: Blueprint system - blueprint fragments Resource gather - x2 Resource stacks - 5k Ammo stacks - 100 Crafting time - 50% faster Smelting time - 50% faster Teleport to players and base Events - AirDrop, Heli, Meteor The day lasts 55 min, while night only 5 min (let's be honest, no one likes night) Map size - 2000 Team size - solo/duo/trio It requires that you own the game on Steam in order to play on our server, we do not support piracy.